by Forced Life

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Jacob Camargo Sick stuff. Always stoked to see you play at shows. Keep up it up.
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released June 8, 2017

Engineer: Frank Gomez
Mixing: Frank Gomez
Mastering: Frank Gomez

Producer: Forced Life

All Audio Recorded At Foxcatcher Studios



all rights reserved


Forced Life Edinburg, Texas

Valley Texas Hardcore

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Track Name: Cold
My precious memories are my nightmares

I got nothing to spare

My life hanging by a thread

Wishing I was dead

Build me up break me down

Leave me on the ground

The world is building up pound by pound

So tired of this place

I've over passed my stay.

Not getting older, I'm just getting colder
Track Name: Bastard
I am

Past the point

Of insanity

Fuck you and your oblivious acts

You try to tough up but don't know how to act

Raised a racist, raised a fake

You have the nerve to leave it all up to faith?

You've been living life in ignorance

Well I'm tired as shit

Of watching all of us sink

While no one does anything about it

I am

Past the point

Of insanity

A tortured mindset for disdain for this cycle; care for your feelings and dismiss all of my own.

Life is only a target

So pull the trigger and

Aim it for my head

I am a bastard in every sense of the word

I am Bastard
Track Name: Deathrite
They say it gets better

But when will that day come?

I feel the pressure and I'm fucking done

Death is winning over me

I can feel him grinning as he sees me pay the fee

I just want to be free from this prison I've built for myself

I can feel him grinning as he sees me pay the fee

My mind is dark and cold

My heart and soul have been sold

My worlds been swallowed whole

I can't fucking take it

I don't know why

I've been living a lie

Cause in my head I want to die

So what the fuck is wrong with me

I have nothing else to sell

Just spare it please

I fucking hate myself.
Track Name: Bone to Bone
Lay me to rest

And let the words fall from my lips -

Take this to heart

Let it crystallize

In your lungs

(black lungs)

Full of hate

Bone to bone

Until I wither away

(red fist)

I am the emptiness

That drains me of sleep

When will I ever sleep

My skin and bones

Caved into the dust

My heart and soul

Slowly starting to rust

Memory; Sentiment

Memory; Fall into
Misery; Sentiment

I am weak

Misery; Fall into

I am weak